Persian Loose Leaf Black Tea


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60g (makes 15 - 20 cups) or 120g (makes 30 - 35 cups)

Black tea, or chaii, is loaded with antioxidants and is believed to lower cholesterol and also to be beneficial to the cardiovascular health. The brewed black tea is served with sugar cubes, other sweets and pastries, or just black. Persians love their chaii with breakfast, after lunch, after dinner and sometimes late at night before going to bed - no matter what time of the day you feel like drinking it, is the right time. It is a reward after a hard day’s work. It is a dessert after a satisfying meal. It is an aromatic drink to welcome the guests to one’s home. 

Enjoy a cup of tea as is, with crystal sugar sticks or honey, white sugar and mint leaves, or with cardamom and anise.